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Firebreak Mix


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Plan ahead for controlled burns! Plant this mix along edges or anywhere a firebreak is desired. Once established, mow in August to create a green line to burn against in the winter. Contains 8+ species of native grasses and wildflowers.

Mix contents: Virginia Wild Rye, White Beardtongue; Common Black-eyed Susan; Gray Headed Coneflower; Early Wild Rye; Tickseed coreopsis; Cluster Fescue


This mix pairs well with: Companion Grass Mix – Dry, Companion Grass Mix – Mesic, Companion Grass Mix – Wet, Companion Grass Mix – Shade

Additional information

Weight N/A

Packet, Ounce, Pound


Full Sun to Part Shade

Seed Rate

15 lbs/acre


Dry, Average, Moist

Height Range

25 – 48"



Bloom Month

May, Jun, Jul

Specialty Uses

Wildlife, Landscaping

# seeds/pkt


Packet coverage area

5 sq. ft

What is PLS?

Pure Live Seed (PLS) is the portion of good viable seed per pound. It is a measure of the seed that is alive and able to sprout into plants. This product is sold by PLS ounce/pound. To provide one ounce/pound of viable seed, you will receive more than one ounce/pound of product. Read more about PLS here.