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The Green Revolution Delusion

by Walt Davis & Tony Winslett

A story depicting problems in agriculture including ecological, financial, & sociological; discusses proven alternatives


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This epic saga follows Thomas Bristol and his family as they build an agricultural empire in 1849 California. Thomas is befriended by Chinese farmers who teach him how to nurture life from the soil as he improves the lives of those around him.
Decades later, new technology brings radical change to agriculture, and Henry Weaver wholeheartedly embraces the modernization on his in-laws’ Ohio farm. Disaster strikes the land, the people, and to their finances. The story portrays the plight of the Weaver family as a way to expose the far more serious damage being done by industrial agriculture to the environment and to the security and wholesome ness of our food supply. The story is also used to illustrate that technology can heal the environment while providing the quantity and quality of food the world’s people need in a sustainable and financially feasible manner.

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