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Edible Wild Plants of the Prairie

by Kelly Kindscher

Ethnobotanical guide to edible prairie plants including how the Native Americans used the plants, illustrations, and more.


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This beautifully illustrated guide provides a wealth of fascinating information on how plants were used by Native American tribes on the prairie. Written for a broad audience ranging from amateur naturalists to historians, botanists, and anthropologists, it includes detailed descriptions to assist the reader in finding and identifying edible prairie plants, as well as information on harvesting, propagation for home gardeners, and the preparation and taste of wild food plants.

“A definitive contribution to the study of wild edible plants and American Indian ethnobotany.”     –E. Barrie Kavasch, author of Native Harvests: Recipes and Botanicals of the American Indian

Kelly Kindscher, who in 1983 spent 80 days walking 690 miles across the prairie from Kansas city to the rocky mountain foothills, has studied systematics and ecology at the university of Kansas and is the author of The Kansas Food System And a “Bibliography for the North American Prairies” in CoEvolution quarterly.

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