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Holistic Management

By Allen Savory & Jody Butterfield

A systems-thinking approach to restore grasslands and their soils; using livestock to mimic the wildlife impacts of the past.


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Holistic Management is a systems-thinking approach developed by biologist Allan Savory to restore the world’s grassland soils and minimize the damaging effects of climate change and desertification on humans and the natural world. This long-awaited third edition of Holistic Management is comprehensively updated with reorganized, streamlined chapters and new color photos featuring before-and-after examples of land restored through livestock manipulation designed to mimic wildlife migrations of the past. Written for new generations of ranchers, farmers, pastoralists, social entrepreneurs, government agencies, and NGOs working to address global environmental degradation, it offers new hope for a sustainable future.


“[This book] should be on your bookshelf and read and reread until every aspect of this concept is like taking a breath of air-automatic. You will profit, your land will profit, and the world in general will profit.”     -SMALL FARM TODAY
ALLAN SAVORY, cofounder of the Savory Institute, is a former wildlife biologist and farmer who conceived of and developed the Holistic Management approach to landscape management. JODY BUTTERFIELD is cofounder of the Savory Institute and a former journalist specializing in agriculture and the environment.

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