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How Soils Work

By Paul Syltie

An easy-to-understand book on the complex topic of mutualism between soils and plants


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No book yet published has attempted to bring together the basic tenets of soils and agronomy with the essential elements of Godly love. Yet, the functions of the natural world as God intended them operate perfectly well upon the mutualistic, loving interrelationships of all creatures on earth…human, animal, plant, and microbe. It turns out that “doing to others as you would have others do unto you” is as imperative to the operation of soils and crops as it is amongst people. Meshing scientific research with Biblical understandings, the author carries the reader through a scintillating exploration of what soils are and how they function together with the roots of plants. The critical mutualism amongst fascinating myriads of soil microbes, soil minerals, and roots underpins the core of comprehending soil fertility…how plants gain their nutrition which they form into food, fiber, and shelter to provide for us all. Students, instructors, researchers, farmers, gardeners, and anyone interested in a deeper and spiritual understanding of soils and crops will find this book indispensable.
PAUL SYLTIE, PH. D. was born in 1945 and reared on a dairy farm in southwestern
Minnesota. He grew to love the natural, God-created world of lakes, creeks, prairies, and rich, black soils nourished by powerful thunderstorms and raging blizzards. Marrying his high school sweetheart Sandy, he embarked on a lifelong venture of discovering how God’s awesome living patterns operate within plants and soils. After attending universities in the Midwest, he received a Ph.D. in soil fertility from North Dakota State University in 1980, and published his first major work, The New Eden. His views of agriculture were greatly expanded during many years of worldwide travel, during which he promoted ecologically sound farming practices. During this time he authored many articles and publications, adding to the stores of knowledge concerning the inspiring nature of soil systems. Dr. Syltie is presently director of research for an agricultural firm based in east Texas, where he also pursues his lifelong love of farming and gardening. He and his wife of 35 years have six children and seven grandchildren.

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