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Prairie Wildflowers

by Don Kurz

A Guide to 350 species of Flowering Plants from the Midwest to the Great Plains; pictures & descriptions of each plant



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America’s prairies are home to some of the most abundant and beautiful wildflowers in the country. Now, with Prairie Wildflowers readers will be able to locate and identify the many gorgeous flowering species blooming in America’s heartland. Prairie Wildflowers contains detailed, full-color photographs and concise descriptors of 350 of these wildflowers. Written by a wildflower expert for the casual wildflower observer the book is organized by color for easy access out on the prairie and includes information on blooming season and range as well as a glossary of terms and reference section


-Detailed yet user-friendly descriptions and full-color photos of 350 windflowers, weeds, and shrubs
-Easy-to-use instructions for identifying the many wildflower species
-Natural history information about the prairies, including their various types of locations across the heartland
-information on flowering season and interesting facts about each plant
-a glossary of botanical terms


For over forty years, Don Kurz has been writing about nature and photographing plants, wildlife, and landscapes. With advanced degrees in botany and zoology, Don is an expert on the ecology of the Midwest and has spent his career working to protect and manage the natural areas and endangered species of the region. His writing and photography have appeared in numerous magazines, calendars, and guidebooks. Don lives in Jefferson City, Missouri.

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