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Native Grass Forages for the Eastern U.S.

By Patrick Keyser

In depth exploration of the use of native warm season grasses as forage, establishment, and grazing management



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“Pat Keyser has put together a comprehensive, practical and easy-to-read work on native grasses for the eastern U.S. This book is essential reading for farmers and grassland professionals alike”     -Jimmy C. Henning, University of Kentucky Extention

“Because of its very valuable content, this will be one of those books that will be looked at often fo the pasture manager or agricultural professional providing assistance to those managers. ”     –Kevin Ogles, Grazing Lands Specialist, Natural Resources Conservation Service

“A very comprehensive reference on native grasses that will be valuable to landowners, professionals and students.”     –John Jennings, Department of Animal Science, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture

“I expect that Native Grass Forages’ will come to be viewed as a classic agricultural publication! it will be a treasured resource for forage producers, wildlife enthusiasts, conservationists, and others who have realized the many attributes these species offer.”     –Don Ball, Auburn University Extension, retired, co-author, Southern Forages


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