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bobwhite quail part 3: Southwest Missouri Research Project, Hamilton Native Outpost

Southwest Missouri Bobwhite Quail Research Project

Learn surprising insights from the largest and latest quail research project conducted in Missouri.  This video series is the next-best alternative to having Kyle Hedges, a leader in this research project, visit your own land.  These videos explore bobwhite habitat needs and offer great tips on creating habitat.

The Southwest Missouri Bobwhite Quail Research Project (Part 3)

This 5-year research project is the largest and latest bobwhite quail research project ever conducted in Missouri.  In this video Kyle and Amy discuss the motivation for this research project, how the natural disturbances of fire and grazing on a Diverse Native Grassland create habitat in comparison to the traditional food plot strip management, and examine the varied land uses through history and their impact on quail populations.   

Other Videos in the Series

Nesting and Brood Rearing Habitat (Part 1)

What one thing would have the most impact on quail habitat?  Improving brood rearing cover!  If this is so important, then we must understand how to create this brood rearing cover and the reasons that this type of cover usually does not exist.  Watch this video as Kyle Hedges and Amy Hamilton talk and walk through a Diverse Native Grassland here at Hamilton Native Outpost to look for examples of excellent habitat, discuss fire and grazing as disturbances, examine the different habitat components needed for nesting and brood rearing, and so much more. 

Fall & Winter Quail Habitat (Part 2)

After a successful nesting and brood rearing season, quail must survive the fall and winter while awaiting the abundance of the next growing season.  What habitat components are important for the fall and winter?  What are the bobwhites’ winter survival food?  How can the usable space for quail be maximized?  These questions and others are answered as Kyle and Amy continue their conversation.    

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