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Sensitive Brier

Mimosa quadrivalvis

A great kid plant because the leaves fold-up when touched; good quail and turkey food



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Mimosa quadrivalvis, commonly called sensitive brier is a perennial native forb (wildflower) native to the United States. The common name sensitive brier refers to the sprawling, prickly nature of this species and the foliage which closes when touched (which children find delightful).


Wildlife notes

Quail and other birds eat the seeds, and wild turkey and deer eat the foliage. The flowers produce pollen but no nectar, and a variety of different bees are the primary pollinators. They scrape pollen from the whole head as if it were a single flower.

Forage notes

Sensitive brier is desirable in pastures, providing nutritious food for all kinds of livestock while improving the soil with its nitrogen-fixing ability.

Landscaping notes

Best grown in evenly moist to dry, well-draining, sandy to rocky loams in full sun. Avoid transplanting once established. Plant tends to creep across the ground and over nearby vegetation.  They do not spread aggressively, either by seed or runners.

Restoration notes

Occurs in glades, upland prairies, savannas, openings of dry upland forests, old fields, ditches, railroads, roadsides, and (rarely) open, disturbed areas. Commonly found in the Ozarks and prairie regions of Missouri.

This plant is often found in our Dry’n Rocky Mix. Watch a video about this mix here.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Packet, Ounce, Pound


Full Sun

Seeding Rate

14 bulk lbs/acre


Dry, Average



Bloom Month

Jun, Jul


Pink and Yellow

Specialty Uses


Cattle Palatability


# seeds/pkt


Packet coverage area

5 sq ft.

Life Cycle


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