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Purple Prairie Clover

Dalea purpureum

Legume with attractive, fern-like foliage topped with unique purple flowers



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Dalea purpurea, commonly called Purple Prairie Clover, is a perennial native legume which occurs in glades, rocky open woods and prairies.

Wildlife notes

The nectar and pollen of the flowers attract many kinds of insects, including a variety of bees, flies, small butterflies, skippers, and beetles. Plasterer bees are specialist pollinators of prairie clovers. Other insects feed destructively on the seeds, foliage, and other parts of the plant. These species include seed-eating larvae of some insects, Three-spotted Treehopper, Little Pasture Grasshopper, and larvae of two butterflies, the Dogface Sulphur and Reakirt’s Blue.  It can be difficult to establish in some areas if there is an abundance of herbivorous mammals. It is possible that small rodents carry the seeds to their dens, which may aid in the distribution of this plant.

Forage notes

Purple Prairie Clover is palatable and high in protein; therefore, mammalian herbivores of all kinds eat this plant readily.

Landscaping notes

An easily grown perennial often used in landscaping in rock gardens, borders, native plant gardens, wildflower gardens, and prairie plantings. The unusual flower heads and delicate foliage make it a conversation starter. It has a lengthy blooming period and needs little care once established.

Restoration notes

A nitrogen-fixing plant that is an important component of Midwestern prairie restorations. It is not common in areas that have been disturbed by modern development. Habitats include mesic to dry black soil prairies, gravel prairies, sand prairies, hill prairies, typical savannas and sandy savannas, and limestone glades. Recovery from occasional fire is good.

This species is commonly used in the following mixes: Shadows & Sunbeams Mix, Buck’s Hangout, Dry’n Rocky Mix, and Wildlife Chuckwagon Mix

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Full Sun

Seeding Rate

7 Bulk lbs/acre


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Specialty Uses

Landscaping, Cut Flower, Edible, Medicinal, Tea

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Packet coverage area

5 sq. ft

Life Cycle


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