Join us for our next Pasture Walk August 22, 2024!

Field Days

Join Hamilton Native Outpost for a Field Day event. Walk our diverse native grasslands, and learn about how native plants support ranchers, livestock, soil health, wildlife, and more.

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1:00 p.m.

Pasture Walk

Diverse Native Grassland Pasture Walk

See the impressive grass growth. Learn how a Diverse Native Grassland like the buffalo grazed can benefit your cattle operation. Hear the buzzes and birdsongs that are the music of a native grassland.

Discover how we have increased forage production, improved livestock performance, and enhanced soil health—all without the expense of fertilizer. Our Diverse Native Grassland pastures are also quality wildlife habitat. We regularly see quail and deer as well as songbirds and butterflies. Explore all of this for yourself. We will also talk about the steps involved in planting natives, which sometimes look daunting, but are not really that complicated when there is a plan.

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Please RSVP so we know how much trailer space is needed. We have Pasture Walks scheduled for August 22, 2024, and January 23, 2025. To RSVP or ask questions, complete the form below, call us, or email us.

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Pasture Walk

Diverse Native Grass

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