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Why plant diversity is good for livestock, Hamilton Native Outpost

Why Plant Diversity is Good for Livestock (and Wildlife)

Did you know  there are many benefits to animals when they are grazing diverse native grasslands?  Learn more about secondary plant compounds, animals self-medicating through their diet, and other topics by watching Loren Steele.  While obviously very livestock focused, many of these topics apply equally to wildlife.

This talk was given as part Hamilton Native Outpost’s 2020 field day. Every year Hamilton Native Outpost has a field day to share knowledge of native plants.  This year the topic was “Diversity of Plants: Stronger Together than Alone.”  Speakers discussed the C-value system, how animals benefit from grazing a diversity of plants, how cool and warm season plants are better together in the same field for sunlight and carbon dioxide capture, the importance of biochar to soils, diversity of roots in a diverse native grassland, and creating a native silvopasture.  While this field day was focused on forages, the topics covered appeal to many interest areas.

Other Videos from the Field Day

A diversity of plants is stronger together than alone was the theme from the 2020 field day. Watch more videos from this day:

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