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Slender Lespedeza

Lespedeza virginica

This legume retains its seed above snow making it a good wildlife survival food



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Lespedeza virginica, commonly known as Slender Lespedeza or Slender Bush Clover, is a native perennial legume with pink blooms.

Wildlife notes

Bees, flies, small butterflies, and skippers enjoy the flowers. These insects seek nectar, although the bees also collect pollen. Among these visitors, bees are probably the most effective pollinators of the flowers.  Bobwhite Quail and Wild Turkey eat the seeds. Mammalian herbivores of all kinds readily feed on Slender Bush Clover, including deer, rabbits, groundhogs, and livestock. It can be difficult to establish this plant where these animals are overpopulated.

Forage notes

Slender bush clover is a nutritious and palatable forage for livestock and other grazing animals. It is considered an excellent component in warm-season grass mixtures, adding protein to the forage and nitrogen to the soil. It is drought resistant.

Landscaping notes

This plant prefers full or partial sun, and mesic to dry conditions. It grows readily in soil that is loamy, rocky, or sandy and has excellent drought resistance. It’s easy to start plants from seeds or transplants, and foliar disease is rarely troublesome. Soil with below average pH is tolerated, if not actually preferred. Sometimes this plant has trouble competing against taller, more aggressive plants in fertile soil.

Restoration notes

Habitats include drier areas of black soil and sandy prairies, hill prairies, rocky upland forests and sandy forests, savannas and sandy savannas, scrubby barrens with poor soil, limestone glades, bluffs, and banks along lakes. Grows well in woodland areas dominated by Oaks. Its ability to fix nitrogen makes it a helpful tool to improve soil fertility in drier areas.

This species is commonly used in the following mixes: Dry’n Rocky Mix

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Full Sun to Part Shade

Seeding Rate

8 bulk lbs/acre


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Bloom Month

Aug, Sep



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Packet coverage area

5 sq. ft

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