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Native Warm Season Grass Grazing Mix

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Our Native Warm Season Grass Grazing Mix is designed to provide a variety of quality forage during the summer months. Native Warm Season Grasses such as Big Bluestem, Indiangrass, Eastern Gama Grass, and Switchgrass produce large quantities of high-quality forage in the summer. Native grasses should be grazed with care as they do not tolerate overgrazing or continuous, close grazing. This is usually accomplished with a managed grazing system (also called management-intensive grazing, cell grazing, rotational grazing, etc.).

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What is PLS?

Pure Live Seed (PLS) is the portion of good viable seed per pound. It is a measure of the seed that is alive and able to sprout into plants. This product is sold by PLS ounce/pound. To provide one ounce/pound of viable seed, you will receive more than one ounce/pound of product. Read more about PLS here.