Prairie Patchwork Mix

Height: 12" - 42"
Bloom Time: May - Oct
Light: Full sun
Soils: Average
Specialty Uses: Landscaping, Landscaping
  • Packet: $3.00
  • Ounce: $9.00
  • Pound: $93.00
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Item Information

These plants thrive in average soils; not too dry or too wet. This mix lends color to a landscape from May to October just as these same plants once added color to the vast expanses of prairie covering the Midwest. Use with Companion Grass Mix. Contains 20+ species of wildflowers.

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Mix Contents:

Aster, Sky Blue; Beardtongue, White; Bergamot, Wild; Black-eyed Susan, Common; Blazing Star, Prairie; Coneflower, Gray-headed; Coneflower, Pale Purple; Coreopsis, Grand; Coreopsis, Plains; Flax, Yellow; Goldenrod, Gray; Indigo, White; Mountain Mint, Hairy; Mountain Mint, Slender; Parsley, Prairie; Partridge Pea; Prairie Clover, White; Rattlesnake Master; Rosin Weed; Shooting Star; Sunflower, Ox-eye; Wingstem, Yellow

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