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Gentian, Downy Blue

Gentiana puberulenta

Striking, royal blue flowers are one of the last flowers of fall and attract bumblebees



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Gentiana puberulenta, commonly called Downy gentian or prairie gentian, is a beautifully blue or violet-blue native perennial forb (wildflower) that shows off its blooms from September through November in native grasslands. The fine, white hairs, which give this plant its name, can be hard to see.

Wildlife notes

Bumblebees are the primary pollinator, but the flowers do attract others. It is deer resistant.

Forage notes

The plant’s bitter foliage usually keeps this plant from being grazed.

Landscaping notes

Downy Gentian prefers drier soils with full sun to partial shade. The flowers open in the morning and then close by nightfall. It can survive an early autumn frost but is not tolerant of extreme summer temperatures.

Restoration notes

Occurs in upland prairies, savannas, and glades, usually on calcareous substrates. It is not a common plant, but it is rather widespread statewide, found growing in short clumps (12”) in areas that are minimally disturbed. One of the most beautiful plants on the prairie during Autumn!

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Sep, Oct, Nov



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Landscaping, Medicinal

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