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Closed Gentian

(Gentiana andrewsii) unique blue-violet flowers never open. The unique flowers permit access only to bumblebees, and the plant and its bees benefit each other.


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(Gentiana andrewsii), also known as Closed Gentian or Closed Bottle Gentian, is a native perennial forb (wildflower). It is most often found in moist woods, thickets and low wooded areas near streams and ponds.


Wildlife notes

This plant’s small seeds do not make a good food source for birds. Only bumblebees are able to access the unique, closed flowers. Consequently, this makes them the principal pollinators. They are the only species large and strong enough to push their way through the tiny opening at the tip. The bees gain exclusive access to a trove of nectar, increasing the flower’s chances for cross-pollination.

Forage notes

Mammals find the roots and leaves bitter.

Landscaping notes

This species does best in partial shade areas of rock gardens, woodland or shady areas, wildflower gardens, or along streams or ponds. It is a stunning choice for native wildflower gardening, especially in moist, well-drained, rich-soil areas.

Restoration notes

This variety is critically imperiled in Missouri. Loss of habitat is its main survival threat. Never dig up plants in the wild.

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Watch a video about Native Woodland Wildflowers.

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