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Arkansas Pollinator Coastal Plains Seed Mix

Please contact us to order this product.


Contact us to get a quote on this cost-share mix.  We offer quantity discounts, so if you know other people in your area planting the same mix, order together and save money.  If your mix does not match one of these mixes, we can also create custom mixes as we are growers of native grass and wildflower seeds.

Our mix contains species at specified rates from the Arkansas Coastal Plains Seed Mix list.  This list meets and exceeds the standards for Wildlife, Pollinator, and Monarch habitat seedings under the NRCS 327 & 420 for CRP, EQIP, CSP, and most other conservation programs.  To see this list, download the Arkansas Coastal Plains Seed Mix.

If you’re not approved for cost share, visit our main seed shop.

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What is PLS?

Pure Live Seed (PLS) is the portion of good viable seed per pound. It is a measure of the seed that is alive and able to sprout into plants. This product is sold by PLS ounce/pound. To provide one ounce/pound of viable seed, you will receive more than one ounce/pound of product. Read more about PLS here.