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Alum Root

Heuchera richardsonii

The alum root bee (Colletes aestivalis) uses this genus of plants exclusively.


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Heuchera richardsonii, commonly called Alum Root or Prairie Alumroot, is a native perennial forb (wildflower) that typically grows 1-2 feet tall.

Wildlife notes

Small bees pollinate the flowers, including Halictid bees and cellophane bees (Colletidae). One bee species, Colletes aestivalis, is a specialist pollinator (oligolege) of alumroots (Heuchera spp.). Both nectar and pollen are available as floral rewards to such visitors. A flea beetle, Altica heucherae, feeds on alumroots; it is oligophagous (Clark et al., 2004). Some aphids (Nasonovia spp.) suck plant juices from these plants; they are also oligophagous (Blackman & Eastop, 2013). White-tailed Deer browse on the foliage of Prairie Alumroot sparingly.

Forage notes

No available information at this time. Please let us know if you have any experience with this species.

Landscaping notes

Attractive foliage and airy flower panicles provide color and contrast to the rock garden, perennial border, native plant garden or open woodland garden. Good selection for dry locations. Good edging plant. Mass to form an attractive ground cover. This plant prefers rocky soil, but it will grow in clay-loam, loam, or sandy soil. Once established, it is an easy plant to grow.

Restoration notes

Habitats include upland areas of black soil prairies, hill prairies, gravel prairies, sand prairies, limestone glades, and rocky upland woodlands. Generally, Prairie Alumroot favors areas with poor rocky or sandy soil where there is reduced competition from taller plants.


Additional information

Weight N/A

Full Sun



Height Range

0 – 24"



Bloom Month

Apr, May, Jun

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