Planting Timeline
When establishing native plants from seed, getting rid of the existing vegetation and the seeds in the soil is usually the most important step to ensure a successful planting. Depending what is growing on the area now, the process of removing the competing plants can differ.

What kind of site do you have?


  • Planting Grasses Only - This timeline is designed for diverse plantings that include wildflowers (forbs). If you only want to establish one or two grasses, see the discussion on the Grazing Page about other options.
  • Really Bad Weeds - Sites with "really bad" weeds need a special plan. If your site has sericea lespedeza, Johnson grass, Bermuda grass, or other particularly stubborn or invasive weeds, you may need an alternative plan. Call us to talk about your situation.
  • Steep Slopes - Sites with steep slopes have an increased risk of soil erosion, or loss of soil. Check out the Critical Area Guide for thoughts on these sites. Checkout the Critical Area Guide for thoughts on these sites.
If your project is bigger than you want to tackle with your hand and a bucket but you don't have any good options for mechanically seeding it, we do offer a broadcast seeder for rent.

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