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Indiangrass (Sorghastrum nutans), native grass, Hamilton Native Outpost

Indiangrass Seedling Identification in a First Year Planting

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Identifying seedlings is hard. Elizabeth Steele gives an in depth look at identifying characteristics of Indiangrass seedlings while Colt Hamilton takes us to the field to look at some look-a-likes to help you identify this amazing native warm season grass. This field was established with Panoramic/Plateau herbicide, which has greatly reduced the weed competition. However, with more diverse plantings, this herbicide is not an option, and it becomes more difficult to find and identify Indiangrass seedlings due to the abundance of weeds.

Field of Indiangrass

Indiangrass has become a popular Native Warm Season Grass for its drought tolerance and impressive size. It is commonly used for wildlife habitat, livestock forage, and restoration plantings. For more information about Indiangrass, check our storefront:

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