Mulching with a weed free straw is advisable on these critical areas. A layer of straw mulch (50% of ground is visible) will allow seedlings to germinate but conserve water at the soil surface. On steep sites mulch heavier (20% of ground is visible). It is advisable to increase seeding rates on erosive slopes because it is difficult to keep seed in place. Mulching may not be required if a cover crop has been used and not disked before planting. Erosive sites with long or steep slopes and /or where there is water concentration it is advisable to cold moist stratify seeds, plant around May 1 and mulch, and if possibe water. Hopefully the first rains that come along will not wash seeds and soil away. If irrigation water is available light weekly waterings for a month is advisable. If cover crop has been used broadcast another 30 lb. of nitrogen with the wildflowers at seeding time as nitrogen will be used in the breakdown of the cover crop.


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