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Hamilton Native Outpost

Native plants are nature’s design for our climate and soils.

Native Seed

Locally grown, harvested, and ready to plant

Our passion for native plants cultivated our life’s work to restore glade, prairie, savanna, and woodlands for wildlife and pollinators. Native plants are the common thread connecting diverse land uses, including wildlife and pollinator habitat, forage, landscaping, and restoration.


Wildlife and pollinators love native plants!


Diversity benefits ranchers, wildlife, and soil health.


Wildflower meadows are beautiful spring to fall.


Re-create prairies, glades, and savanna ecosystems.

Amy Harrison, horseback, wildflower meadow, diverse native grassland, Hamilton Native Outpost
Keep your land healthy

with diverse native plants

With their diverse uses for wildlife and pollinator habitats, forage and grazing, wildflower meadows, and ecosystem restoration, native plants provide great benefits to your land. We’re eager to help you increase production, improve soil, and create a beautiful landscape.

Rex and Amy Hamilton have been harvesting and selling native seeds since 1981. To this day, the Hamilton family shares the same love for establishing native plants from seed. Rooted in the this passion, Hamilton Native Outpost has grown into the region’s leader in native seed production and education.

Getting Started

We make planting native seeds easy

We’ll take care of growing, harvesting, and cleaning seed on our family’s farm. You simply follow these four steps, and soon you’ll be enjoying the many benefits of diverse grassland.
Start with a plan, how-to guide step 1, Hamilton Native Outpost

Start with a plan.

Set yourself up for success. Use our tools to determine the establishment plan that's best for you.

choose the seed, how-to guides step 2, Hamilton Native Outpost

Choose your seed.

Select one of our pre-made mixes that fits your site and goals, or you design your own custom blend of seed.

Plant the seed how-to guide step 3, Hamilton Native Outpost

Plant the seed.

Learn the do’s and don’ts of planting by hand, broadcast, with a drill, or with a drone spreader.

maintain and enjoy, how-to guide step 4, Hamilton Native Outpost

Maintain and enjoy!

Enjoy native plants for years to come. Learn how to manage your planting with mowing, grazing, and more.

We’ll walk you through every step from site preparation and planting to maintenance.
Explore videos and articles on native plant philosophy and practical tips.
Dig deeper

into the world of native plants

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